The Proof is in the Bread

I love to bake and get a thrill from trying my hand at challenging pastries or doughs. I’m now (not fondly) remembering my first attempt at puff pastry when I stayed up until 2 a.m. folding together dough and butter, the result of starting that laminating process on a whim the previous summer evening.

DSC06073While I love to bake and share those baked goods with friends and coworkers, I always find myself a bit anxious when I need to prepare a large number of items for some particular gathering. It’s one thing to experiment for fun and another to guarantee several dozen of something that relies on chemistry happening at levels you can’t immediately see or during processes you shouldn’t interrupt behind the oven door.

This past spring, I visited Proof Bread in Mesa, Arizona, for a blog post for Phoenix Public Market. You can read that full piece here. Jon Przybyl took over as Proof’s owner just about a year ago, taking on the challenge of producing hundreds of consistent bread loaves and pastries in his garage-turned-bakery.

Jon’s passion for baking is clear, experimenting and upgrading techniques and ingredients as he’s immersed himself in learning the past year.

“We just want to produce the best bread here,” he said.

If you are in the Phoenix-metro area and haven’t tried some of Proof’s offerings, read about their transformation the past year here and find them at Phoenix Public Market (or a few other area markets and restaurants).

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