Iconic Cocktail Co.: Inspiration to imbibe

Kaylee Nedly and Matt Farrow

This post appears in its entirety on Phoenix Public Market’s blog.

Matt Farrow and Kaylee Nedley want you to approach the cocktail cart without fear. That’s why they began Iconic Cocktail Co.

“I think making a cocktail is a lot like cooking a dish: you compose it and you share it with people,” Kaylee said. “We just try to make our mixers a little easier for people to do that.”

Matt and Kaylee each have a background working in restaurants, meeting one another while working for the midtown Windsor in 2012, but wanted to run a business together. The couple began a catering business, crafting their own cocktails for events and even bottling grenadine (a deep red, pomegranate syrup) Matt crafted to give away at one event. After a few months, though, they decided to switch their focus from events to bottling and selling mixers, launching Iconic Cocktail Co. in early 2016.

Iconic Cocktail's three staple mixersMatt learned about cocktails from bartending at restaurants with expert mixologists, then began experimenting with flavors and producing batch cocktails for friends and family. Now, he wants to help others find enjoyment in mixing drinks too.

“I was really fortunate to learn a lot about cocktails and I want to be able to offer that to other people,” Matt said. “It’s fun for me to talk about cocktails and make people feel empowered to go and play around and know that they’re not doing the wrong thing, they’re doing the right thing.”

“We’re never going to tell you ‘this is the recipe, this is exactly how you do it’,” Kaylee said.

“We don’t even call them recipes,” Matt noted. “We call them inspirations.”

Read this post in its entirety on Phoenix Public Market’s blog.

Matt Farrow talks cocktails with a Saturday morning customer.

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