People and Passions: Keisha Jones, Hunny Goddess

As of publication, Keisha Jones now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she continues to spread the joy of pecan praline bites and the love of other people.

Keisha Jones’ booth at the Phoenix Public Market usually includes pecan praline bites and sometimes pound cakes, prickly pear pie pops, paintings, and massages. She is also a writer, a model, a jewelry maker, and makes natural body care products. That’s all just her way of offering something even better.

“I deliver smiles on Saturday mornings,” she said. “Every single person who comes to my booth and tries a praline, they’re smiling, they’re laughing, they’re having a good time.”

DSC03810With every item she sells, the “Hunny Goddess” hopes “that its recipient is blessed immensely. It’s made with amazing intention and amazing love.”

Jones’ journey started in the projects of Chicago, but has taken her to Washington, D.C., Louisville, Ken., and now Phoenix, picking up new skills and work in each location.

“I’m a sponge,” she said. She has learned more about the world and about herself in all her work, whether running her own virtual administrative assistant business, her own gift basket company, working in human resources, as a DSC03792hospital research assistant, or as a stripper.

“It taught me how to be confident,” she said. “It taught me how to not be intimidated by anyone at anytime, how to control my space, and it kept me in shape!”

Now, though, she’s tired of working for others.

Since moving to Phoenix two-and-a-half years ago, Jones has established her “Another Hunny Goddess Production” booth at the Phoenix Public Market and has partnered with other companies and organizations in the Valley. At the same time, she’s making time for herself. After all, you “have to live to have something to produce,” she said about her art and work.

She’s known too many people who are more dedicated to working than to living. Those are often the same people who punish themselves for eating carbs or joylessly exercise their bodies, she said. “I just think people need to stop living up to other people’s standards and abusing themselves.”

Jones has created an income out of work she loves. That means living a simpler life in some ways, while being richer in others.

For example, Jones has no cable. Instead of watching TV, she visits friends around town, or heads to public centers like the Phoenix Public Market Cafe. When she does want to watch something, she checks out DVDs from the library.

“Somebody told you you have to have those things to be happy, but you’re still miserable,” she commented. Instead, “I minimize and enrich my life.”

It’s that richness that she also tries to pass on in the goods she sells, whether it’s through her published short stories, her paintings, or her baked goods.

There’s also some literal richness in most of her baked goods: honey. That’s how she got her nickname and the name for her company. While living in Louisville, she started a body care line, each product including honey in its ingredients, called “A Touch of Honey.” People often sought out “the honey lady” at events, until one man responded to that label with, “No, no, she’s not the honey lady; she’s a honey goddess.” Jones has embraced the name ever since.

Jones speaks with a sureness and an articulated wisdom. She said part of that is being a Sagittarius and part of that is because she’s sure she’s lived before. It may also be because she’s embraced the rhythms of life.

“You’re going to make yourself over and over throughout life,” she said, “and, so, you can’t be afraid of change.”


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