People and Passions: An Introduction


A performer at the Phoenix Public Market, March 5, 2016.

You know those people you run into standing in line at the grocery or on an airplane or seated at the table next to yours at a restaurant? Those people who really intrigue you, the ones who make you smile in awe or add a new level of joy to your day?

I see these people all around me. These people leave me amazed, energized, and humbled at the tapestry of people that make our communities. What wildly different passions! What wildly different stories!

I am consistently inspired by the people I see all around me during my everyday routine. So, I am not going to let them walk past me at the farmer’s market or get off the Light Rail train without first finding out more. If that works out, I’d like to share some of their stories with you.

May the stories shared here help open us –both you, reader, and myself– to seeing the inspiration always flowing around us.

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